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Establishment Year:

        UG: June 2019  (F.Y.B.Sc)

                 June 2020   (S.Y.B.Sc)


  • Our vision is to produce highly qualified and competent students in allareas of the Microbiology.
  • Providing the timely and accessible information’s on current and emerging trends in Microbiology


  • The Mission of Department is to promote good quality education and inspiring training in different disciplines of Microbiology.
  • o create an innovative, creative study environment to the students.
  • To train the student excels in both practical and theoretical aspects of Microbiology.


  • To maintain an interest in the study of Microbiology.
  • To establish essential habits of continuing self-learning through critical reading and evaluation of information in the field of Microbiology
  • To appreciate the professional and personal development in respective field
  • To integrate the knowledge of microbiology with related disciplines.

Name : Mr. Khairnar Bhushan Aba
Subject : Microbiology
DOB : 2-06-1991
Date Of Appointment : 17-09- 2019
Academic Qualification : M.Sc. , NET
Recognition : UG Teacher

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Sr.No Name of Faculty Research area Research guide(Yes/No)
1 Dr.Dattatray Falke Santsahityaani Loksahity Yes