Defence Studies

Defence Studies

Our department   was established in 1974 with establishment of the college, with the aim of providing education to the socially weaker and backward students of rural and drought prone area by introducing need based courses. Our department tries to create alertness towords national security national character and devotion to words nation. at Undergraduate  level to build capabilities and skill among the  students to bring them up to date with the global practices and make them competitive in today scenario. The aim of the department is to provide quality education to the students.

“ The Department of Defence and Strategic Studies of G.M.D. Arts, B.W. Commerce and Science College, wishes to be a pioneer department among the colleges for providing value based quality education and to generate need base human resource equipped with contemporary skills eventually leading to nation building. ”       

The vision and mission statements are clearly stated in the department of Defence Strategic studies . It also communicated through internet and web prospects, notice boards etc. It is also communicated in the class room before starting the departmental programmes. .The department tries to ensure that its entire working is guided by the values and commitment of its vision and mission statements.   


  • To know the interrelationship between nation and International Strategic policy
  • To bring about the overall progress of the students with purposeful approaches and skills.
  • To create environmental and social awareness by exposing students to various activities.
  • To provide quality education economically and make available the need base modern courses in Defence and Strategic Studies department for rural area.
  • To know the interrelationship between Nationl and International Strategic Policy.
  • To mould and shape the rural students for their all round development according to demands of local, state and national levels and to install self   confidence in them.

      To develop their accountability towards their environment and society.



  • To admit all eligible students for defence studes.
  • To encourage students to participate in co curricular and extracurricular activities and competitions under able guidance.
  • To give exposure to students to outside talent by inviting resource persons from different Defence field.
  • To get regular feedback from students, academic peers and from employers for improvement of quality.
  • To involve stakeholders in the developmental activities of the department.
  • To create Defence awareness among rural citizens.
  • To create good and active military solder.

Name : Rajendra Vishwanath Pawar

Subject : Defence & Strategic Studies

DOB : 28 June 1971

Date Of Appointment : 27 July 1996

Academic Qualification :M.A.

Recognition : UG Teacher

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Name : Khurche Dipak Kachru

Subject : Defence & Strategic Studies

DOB : 14 March 1989

Date Of Appointment : 15 July 2013

Academic Qualification : M.A, NET

Recognition : Assistant professor

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