Computer Science

Computer Science

Aims of Department:

  • To impart basic Computer Science knowledge to the students of interdisciplinary studies.
  • Provide excellent graduates with basic knowledge in both theory and practice in Computer Science that work in careers in computing & associated technology fields.
  • Prepare students to contribute to the computing profession upon graduation, and
  • Provide a basis for continued study, and growth in their fields.
  • To develop among students the programming techniques and the problem solving skills through programming.

Objectives of Department:

  • Provide exposure to the industrial environment
  • Prepare students to contribute to the computing profession upon graduation
  • Demonstrate proficiency in problem-solving techniques using the computer
  • Demonstrate proficiency in at least two high-level programming languages and two operating systems
  • Demonstrate comprehension of modern software engineering principles
  • Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in the discipline of computer science

Features of Department:

  • Qualified and Experienced team of faculty members with wider experience in areas of System Software, DBMS, Data Mining, Mobile and Computer Networks, Graphics, Micro controller and Computer Architecture.
  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Teaching aids like LCD Projectors and modern E-learning software’s are used with the view to enhance the Teaching-Learning process.
  • More emphasis on usage of open source technologies (e.g. Linux Operating System)
  • Regular counseling / mentoring for students
  • Career opportunity seminars/Guest lectures/ training Program-mes.


  • Department has two Laboratories .
  • Two separate UPS systems
  • All PC’s are connected in LAN and have internet connectivity.
  • One ceiling mounted LCD projector and Smart-board (Starboard) is available for ICT teaching.

Name : Bhangre Jayshree Janak

Subject : Computer Science

DOB : 7 March 1985

Date Of Appointment : 7 Sept. 2009

Academic Qualification : M.Sc., NET, SET

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Name : Lahamage Namrata Vitthalrao

Subject : Computer Science

DOB : 14/09/1989

Date Of Appointment : 28/06/2012

Academic Qualification : M.Sc. (Comp.Sci), SET

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